What Is the Difference Between Good Content and Awesome Content?

You’ve had your own website, sharing some valuable content for a while now, and you think it’s doing pretty well. You keep the site running fast and smoothly, and you regularly follow the advice of the most experienced marketers, who claim that you should be consistent and share new content regularly. All of that is … Read more

Can a Content Writer Be a Copywriter? – Key Differences

You have heard of both content writing and copywriting, but you still struggle to understand the difference between those two terms. A content writer, as the name suggests, writes. However, a copywriter does the same. So, “What’s the difference?” and “Can a content writer be a copywriter?” are the questions we will give you the … Read more

How to Use Podcasts for Marketing

You’ve probably seen that podcasts have been quite popular lately. Many business owners have noticed this and found how to use podcasts for marketing purposes. Almost every business, especially online businesses, records a podcast today, but the number of listeners is also increasing. Although it is increasingly popular, podcasts are still not used as much … Read more